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SkiMo in the Olympic Programme

Ski mountaineering officially included in the programme of Olympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026 Lausanne/Mondovì, 20 July 2021 – The decision has unanimously made today during the 138th IOC session in Tokyo on the occasion of the Summer Olympics. After the meeting held in June, the IOC Executive Board has formally accepted the addition of the skimoContinue reading “SkiMo in the Olympic Programme”


The International Ski Mountaineering Federation is the International governing body for ski mountaineering competitions. Our main aims are promotion, regulation and development of ski mountaineering worldwide. Founded in 2007, the International Ski Mountaineering Federation ISMF is the global governing body for ski mountaineering competitions. Since 2016, the organization is officially recognized by the International OlympicContinue reading “ISMF”

Ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering (abbreviated to skimo) is a skiing discipline that involves climbing mountains either on skis or carrying them, depending on the steepness of the ascent, and then descending on skis. There are two major categories of equipment used, free-heel Telemark skis and skis based on Alpine skis, where the heel is free for ascents,Continue reading “Ski mountaineering”

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